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Do away with buttons
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Filthy remote buttons. The ones you push get worn out and brown, and the contacts quit working. Others are pristine because they are useless. Plus the digital pushing motion is slow - just one channel for each push. To really get surfing you have to frantically push like a caged monkey.

What is needed is a rollerball remote. This would have a ball like for the missile command arcade game, which moves you thru channels. You can surf thru at lightning speed, or slowly as you see fit. The ball is durable and will not wear like an overpoked button. Plus the true surfer can glide among the channels with lightning speed, then suddenly halt at desirable viewing.

bungston, Aug 19 2003


       Alas, most tuners are fairly slow, especially digital cable or satellite, where there's buffering going on.   

       You'd have to have a "surf-ahead" buffer to collect all of your whiz bang lightning speed commands and execute them as the tuner can. Of course, this buffered command stream would be annoying as hell.
bristolz, Aug 19 2003

       Now you've got a bunch of pencils with cruddy erasers. So you have to buy more pencils to clean your other pencils so you can clean your remote. It's like a Sarlac pit of endless pencil buying, eventually you _will_ get digested...
DeathNinja, Aug 19 2003

       Do you consider Burger King an office?
DeathNinja, Aug 19 2003


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