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Talk to your TV

Voice activated remote control for your TV
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phundug's zeros contribution reminded me of this old wish.

A TV remote control with a wireless microphone. Instead of remote control with buttons you have a wireless microphone with a single on/off button. You push the button and speak into the microphone to give a command, like "louder", "mute" or "ABC".

The microphone just transmits plain sound. All voice recognition and command interpretation is built into the TV. That makes it cheap to loose the microphone. The TV offers an on-screen menu if it isn't sure what you said.

With good voice recognition a child lock-out feature is possible, for those parents who think that what's good for them is not good for their kids. To make up for the lock-out the kids get a karaoke at no extra cost, just start singing and say "karaoke" when the befuddled TV shows the on-screen menu.

kbecker, Jun 23 2003

Voice activated remote control for your TV http://www.innotech...s.com/voicefire.htm
basically baked, yours just has some extras. [swamilad, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

voice activated television http://www.halfbake...ivated_20television
I think I detect a re-run [lurch, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       And kbecker spake, 'Let there be porn'. And there was porn. And it was was good.
sambwiches, Jun 23 2003

       Reaction to political news: "F*** off!" (1/2 second of porn, *click*)
Cedar Park, Jun 23 2003

       Could a character on the t.v. utter the name of another station, therefore, changing the channel?
demtangs, Jun 24 2003

       Good idea. Saw similar in store at least three years ago. Sadly, but expectedly, it didn't work well. I can't speak to the quality of the one in the link.
swamilad, Jun 24 2003

       Maybe just direct your requests to the TV, like they do to the computer in Star Trek.   

       "Television, Channel nine."   

       (voice of Majel Barrett-Roddenberry) "Unable to comply. This channel is presently locked."
Cedar Park, Jun 25 2003

       Woman yells to her husband "Asshole!"   

       Television switches channels: "Next on Fox, The O'Reilly Factor"
newt, Apr 12 2005


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