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Smiley Keyboard

Extra keys with smiley buttons on them
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(+5, -4)
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How many times have you had to press three or four keys to get that ;-) effect?

I'm sure there's loads of room on the keyboard for a few extra smiley keys. How about where the 'scroll lock' and the 'pause break' buttons (that nobody use) are?

I haven't got time to spare to go thinking up novel ways to convey my emotions in text - I want keys. They could even be labelled 'happy', 'sad', 'cheeky'.

gardnose, May 11 2001


       Does the "Yes! Yes! Yes!" vote have an opposite? *shudder*
egnor, May 11 2001

       (egnor, the opposite of the O-vote is the FtLoGNO-vote; that is, "For the love of God, NO!!", aslo pronouncable to humorous effect as 'fort log no')
absterge, May 11 2001


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