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Roof exhaust for buses

The healthier way to pollute the planet
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Why not have the exhaust pipe on the roof at the rear. Exhaust fumes will efficiently rise up into the sky from a higher level, thus saving pedestrians the misfortune of breathing them in.

Of course the ideallistic solution would be to make all buses run on electricity, but this idea allows existing buses to be modified at a low cost.

Cunninglinguist, Apr 19 2004

Roofline Exhaust on a Bus http://www.ngv.org/...BlueBirdXcel102.htm
Baked [jhomrighaus, Aug 07 2006]


       The problem being that many products of automobile combustion are heavier than air, so they'll still just sink right back down once they cool off.
5th Earth, Apr 19 2004

       Only in native american settlements.
Cunninglinguist, Apr 19 2004

       I saw a European bus with this very feature on TV last night. It was in a BabyBel cheese advert currently showing on uk tv.
oneoffdave, Apr 19 2004

       Move to Seattle. All the metro transit buses already have roofline exhausts. As a bonus, when they're actually in the city, they extend a set of contacts to overhead powerlines and run on electricity.
Freefall, Apr 19 2004

       Hmmm. Then it is clearly baked <at least twice>, Back to the drawing board...
Cunninglinguist, Apr 19 2004

       by 2010, all new diesel engines sold in america will exhasust air chemically cleaner than the ambient air of most urban environments. if not the EPA squad will bust in your door in the middle of the night an fine you!! this idea is a good one, and may have been practical a few years ago when dielsels were dirty as hell, but now they are extreemly clean (at the cost of some fuel efficiency). i know this to be fact because i work on the EGR systems on diesel engines where i work.
auricom_mech, Aug 02 2006

       trucks sometimes have roof level exhausts, e.g. optimus prime
vmaldia, Aug 07 2006

       Many City busses are configured this way, see link for one. Baked.
jhomrighaus, Aug 07 2006


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