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Sneeze Carbeuration/Fire Breathing

Inhale fuel, sneeze it into intake in a powerful spray
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The other day, I saw my brother sneeze in a dark room with a single light. I saw his sneeze lit up, with fine droplets shooting out several feet at 200 miles per hour (as I have been told).

I thought that instead of breathing fire through your mouth, you might try to sneeze it out. Since there is no category (that I could find) for fire-breathing, I decided to put the idea here.

The fuel would have to be something that would irritate the mucus membranes but would also be non-toxic and flammable.

You could also use this as a way of atomizing fuel in a car, although you would have to use several passangers to make the fuel supply consistant. It might be best for a large bus or van.

It would not be practical or healthy for the passengers, but would probably be better than a flattulence-powered vehicle (excluding the use of bean burritos).

discontinuuity, Jul 21 2005


       Use alcohol?
sophocles, Jan 13 2006

       If you could produce Sneeze Carbeurreation, it might help your popcorn taste good.
bungston, Jan 13 2006

       While that idea sounds wrong, the theory is there (if you look hard enough)   

       Air atomising nozzles (that use air pressure to atomise a liquid) are very effective atomisers, even with low feed pressures.
BLSTIC, May 20 2008


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