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Roomba Bowling

Because Roomba, And, You Know, Bowling
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You turn your Roomba loose at the top of the lane, then wander off to the Bowling Alley Bar for refreshments. Come back to your lane in forty five minutes or so to find out how many pins may have been knocked down in your absence. By that time, your Roomba should be on its way back for a grand homecoming in twenty minutes or so, assuming batteries in tip top health.

Roomba Bowling League Play should take the better part of winter, so be sure to pack lots of clean, fresh underpants.

Note: Please use stock, off the shelf Roombas for this sport. In product testing using Roombas [upgraded/cursed] with A.I. and Genuine People Personalities, most committed suicide or made guttural growling noises and chased GROGco Testing Laboratory personnel into corners in a menacing way.

Grogster, May 22 2019


       I don't have one, but they look cute and I think my cat would like it. Or not.   

       Bowling is dull to me, this would be better because I wouldn't have to sit there and watch. +
blissmiss, May 22 2019

       Definetly will be opening soon. [+]
xenzag, May 23 2019


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