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Spiral Crazy Tenpin

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Broadly as crazy golf, but with a bowling ball and ten pins. The "alley" may be obstructed by ramps, banked turns, tunnels, walls &c. The course is arranged approximately in a spiral, so that the end(s) and start are close together for easy ball retrieval. This is particularly appropriate for outdoor installations where minimal mechanisation and running costs are desirable, rather than a hi-tech, highly polished indoor version.

The course may split in places, such that the shot needs to be played carefully in order to take the correct route and reach the pins.

The course generally slopes downwards from beginning to end, such that the ball is very unlikely to stop half way.

Probably situated outdoors, coin-operated. Pins are tied down by wire rope; the reset system consists of a motor/ram or similar which hauls on all of the cables from beneath, pulling the pins upright, then slackens to allow normal (ish) play.

david_scothern, Feb 08 2008

Minature golf style bowling Miniature_20golf_20style_20bowling
Rather like this, alas. [david_scothern, Feb 08 2008]


       [m-f-d] redundant, as per [david]'s link...   

       (I have bestowed a bun on the linked idea.)
theleopard, Feb 13 2008

       Go on - is there nothing original here?
david_scothern, Feb 13 2008

       The "[some]thing original" defense does not stand against the redundancy tag.   

       If you are not sufficiently different, then you must annotate the original rather than post anew. That is the redundancy rule.
globaltourniquet, Feb 13 2008

       Rewritten to emphasise differences between this and the linked idea.
david_scothern, Feb 13 2008


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