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Root Beer Float Vending Machine

Plop Plop Fizz Fizz
  [vote for,

Insert money
Translucent beverage container with butterflied pop-out handles
(for that all-important mug shape) drops into place
2 uniform scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream plop into container
Root beer is added
Foaming and settling for 30 seconds occurs
More root beer is added
Wrapped Straw/Spoon/Napkin drop from separate dispenser

Addendum: Various combinations of flavo(u)red Ice creams and Sodas may be selected from a simple menu

thumbwax, Dec 02 2002


       What if you don't like root beer? {A coke float afficionado, myself.)   

       My last project was at a site with an ice cream vending machine, so not completely beyond the bounds of possibility, I would guess.
DrCurry, Dec 02 2002

       Chocolate,strawberry,cherry ice cream,make this a option please.
skinflaps, Dec 02 2002

       Thanks for the suggestions!
See Addendum.
thumbwax, Dec 03 2002

       I was about to say the same thing, mmmm lime spiders.
Gulherme, Dec 03 2002

       // What if you don't like root beer? //   

       Shoot the machine with a 12-gauge. This idea is not as much deserving of a fishbone as an airstrike.   

       "Root Beer Float Vending Machine - this idea brought to you by the Dental Surgeons of America......"
8th of 7, Dec 03 2002

bristolz, Dec 03 2002

       AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Root Beer! Run and hiiide!
madradish, Dec 16 2002

       The only thing I don't like about this idea is that it's given me a root beer float craving, I have neither ice cream nor root beer in the house, and the grocery store is closed.   

       Otherwise, delightful!
redshift9, Dec 16 2002

       On second thoughts, given how much soda foams in the presence of soda, this is *really* half-baked.
DrCurry, Dec 16 2002

       How much faster can fast food get? Does anyone else remember those microwavable burgers in your grocers frozen food section? Who microwaves a hamburger (besides Macdonalds)? I just couldn't trust a root beer float out of a vending machine.
demtangs, Apr 25 2003

       Root beer brand is important...DAD'S is the bestm though A&W is ok too...no one appreciates rootbeer floats, so + for doing so.
igirl, Apr 25 2003

       What is root beer?. I have tried it and I didn't like it, but that was years ago.
sufc, Apr 25 2003

       // given how much soda foams in the presence of soda, //   

       Try as I might, I cannot grasp the meaning of that statement. Curry, you'd probably like Vanilla Coke. Tastes like a Coke float without actual ice cream in it.
waugsqueke, Apr 25 2003

       To quote a past camp director: "Kids, no more of that Vanilla Coke shit..."
no, do not try vanilla coke, it is bad and tastes nothing like vanilla, and only vaguly(sp?) like coke.
igirl, Apr 25 2003

       How camp were they?
sufc, Apr 25 2003

LoneRifle, Apr 26 2003

       Vanilla Pepsi is coming out soon - those copycats think they'll steal some of Vanilla Coke's thunder. I like Vanilla Coke - have one every few weeks, being not much of a soda drinker. Root Beer Floats, however, are perfection confections, and as you stated, igirl, brand choice is of paramount importance. Hires and Dads were the choice root beers in the 60's and 70's in my neck of the woods, as A&W was only available at Drive-Ups, complete with car-hops.
thumbwax, Apr 26 2003

       Virgil's Micro-Brewed. Now there's some good root beer.
Eugene, Jul 20 2003

friendless-person, Dec 09 2003

       Sold. I surrender. [+]
Letsbuildafort, Dec 09 2003

       Two words....Beer floats
normzone, Dec 09 2003

       There would, of course, be a no sugar added version.
ceruleanshipper, Dec 09 2003

       For the last 2 years, I would normally drink only water and juice, but this one has me thinking...I might go get a float. It takes me back to my belching, anything-carbonated-is-good days. I just got a filling yesterday, to boot.
moPuddin, Dec 10 2003

       I'd like to know more about beer/ice cream combos myself.
cloudface, Mar 05 2004

       In the movie, Cannery Row, Nick Nolte orders a beer float (on a dare of sorts), the whole diner is quiet while she scoops the ice cream (tentatively) into a mug... everyone is quiet... he takes a sip, and says, "You make 'em real good". All returns to normal.   

       Incidentally, I HAVE tried this with a very, very dark beer called "Old Peculiar"... I make 'em real good. If you can get Old Peculiar (from the UK) I recommend it.
zigness, Mar 06 2004


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