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Tip Slot

Put a slot on vending machines where one might tip for the service
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Sorry, but it's that time of year. I miss the sounds of the holidays.

Happy Halloween! Happy Thanksgiving! Have you got any spare change?

Those useless, jingly bits that no one seems to want anymore are burning a hole in your pocket, but the Sally Kettles are so few these days. It would make ¢ents (so very sorry) to provide an outlet for the strain of weighty holiday cash trimming, so why not give a few bits of that loose cash in appreciation for the overserved and underappreciated, i.e., faceless keepers of the vending machines?

Yep. They never sleep and you know when you walk up what's available, and it's a coin toss if everything functions to modern standards and you're actually served. Unless you're charging, your change is returned. It's an essential service and way more patient than any spaced-out order taker at a counter lunch shop, so please let our appreciation be noted!!

reensure, Oct 27 2022

Machine tipping [pocmloc, Oct 28 2022]


       Honestly, I'm surprised this isn't already a thing with how many businesses ask for tips at the register now!
21 Quest, Oct 27 2022

       I'd rather a check box on corporate mailing that gave me a choice of 18%, 22.5%, or 34% of company profit distributed as dividends. Honestly, I lose interest in a lunch that's about maths and appraising the ability of hitherto unknown individuals to navigate a litany of special functions whilst wandering about.
reensure, Oct 27 2022

       Only if these are mechanical turkeys.
mylodon, Oct 28 2022

       +Merry Christmas
xandram, Oct 28 2022

       Nod to — pocmloc, Dec 12 2014   

       Pretty thoughtless of me to overlook the machines. Poor dears, to endure what they're consigned to and to be never sure they are worth maintaining or occasional service. :.)
reensure, Nov 02 2022


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