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Rorschach Test Recursion

Psychological test to evaluate if you're a pseudoscientist for the protection of society.
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Rorschach originally devised a methodology for detecting schizophrenia and mental disorder in subjects. In Roschach Test Recursion, instead of being shown a series of inkblots and asked to interpret them, the subject is shown some responses and asked to interpret them. If the subject interprets the responses like Rorschach they are determined to be a pseudoscientist.

In this sense, a pseudoscientist is like a schizophrenic because both suffer from detachment from reality. As Test Recursion is adopted in general, the interpretive frameworks of all disproven evaluations will become relegated to a domain akin to to madness. Ultimately, by identifying these paranoid and reality detached interpretations in subjects a pure form of subjective evaluation will finally be deduced.

rcarty, Dec 09 2013


       As soon as you have a mind, you are detached from reality.
wjt, Dec 09 2013

       //If the subject interprets the responses like Rorschach they are determined to be a pseudoscientist// So what does this response make you?
pocmloc, Dec 09 2013

       We accept your paper/idea for publication.
leinypoo13, Dec 09 2013

       //We accept your paper/idea for publication.//   

       Sp.: "We accept your paper/idea for publication, at a page charge of..."
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 09 2013

       I worry that I'm a hypochondriac.
Loris, Dec 09 2013

       There's a new placebo out for that.
spidermother, Dec 09 2013

       Everything from Lombroso's criminological positivism, to 19th century racism can recursively become evaluations for psychological abberation now that the social harm of those delusions have been proven.
rcarty, Dec 09 2013

       A moth who dipped its wings in ink and flew around the paper, under a cloud, with skeletons and ice cream cones.
xandram, Dec 09 2013

       This is a dialectical process as the analogy of psychiatry as schizophrenia and the actual materiality fact of psychiatry being schizophrenia and causing implosionary breakdown in a system when an entire subjectivity and the statistical objectivity of the Rorschach Test as an empiricists tool was eliminated.   

       In fact roschach may have in fact been a dialectical materialist, using his theoretical object to create normative correspondance to certain analogous objects inside a hallucination. Hallucination and analogy and the reification of normative hallucinatory interpretations through statistical profiling. Much like the milgram line experiment normative interpretation can influence hallucination, shared delusion. Given that normativity can produce group hallucination and the rorshach test was the dialectical object of a material ironic breakdown proves dialectical materialism. The Roscharch test is ultimately an ironic object, that produced a reducio absurdum argument about itself, as people became integrated into the normative machinery.
rcarty, Dec 09 2013

       Comparative literature of psychology much? [+] While it is easy to echo cries of "Hark! Herein is madness!" through the glass house, there is joy in finding the angle where the house fully reflects itself and is transcended on its own level.   

       This structural framework calls for a reification and therein a transcendence of the dialectic: a dialogue with one's meta-sane (i.e. insane) self purporting to ironically and recursively question the conscious- unconscious relationship as an analogy for the psychiatrist-patient relationship.   

       To propose further reduction of psychology (i.e. all relationships, i.e. pseudoscience) I define a vector on an eight-dimensional cylinder where four coordinates represent the individual's Meyers- Briggs Personality Type, and the remaining four coordinates represent the magnitude (i.e. strength, i.e. detachment) of the corresponding coordinates from the individual's conception of those facets of their personality. The Biot-Savart Law in application to a four-dimensional surface within this space yields a measure of the subject's sanity, which is holistically computed to protest the cruel ironic hegemony of the object's subjectivication (e.g. sublimation of objectivity) and therein hierarchical enslavement to Baconian norms. In reality, the normative machinery is a cruel parody of itself, as reality prohibits group hallucination but is itself a group hallucination subject to the dialectic.
sninctown, Dec 09 2013

       OK I see meyer-briggs personalities as normative categories, each connected to functional social roles, the detachment of the subject from these useful norms and their own self-concept creates a sanity function in your model. Most sane would be the normalisations reify behaviourally with matching self concept, most insane would be loss of selfconcept and breakdown of stable personality patterns. In between would be loss of selfconcept and reification of new personality, and gaining selfconcept and breakdown of personality. The group hallucination is ironically everyone is sane and normal in their personality categories, but really they are just actively resisting the breakdown of the reality of analogical normativity or 'likeness' the normative machine generates by inducing a negative polarity of madness that repells individuals from lone hallucination to the safety of group hallucination.
rcarty, Dec 10 2013

       I like it when we talk about custard. What happened to custard? I like custard.
AusCan531, Dec 10 2013

       Custard became such a common idea it wasn't an original idea anymore. That not much remains of the earlier halfbakery community culture is probably because of that same process. It all became too baked, too real, to be halfbaked. It's ironic that when the halfbakery develops a stable culture that's actually the idea breaking down.
rcarty, Dec 10 2013

       " OK I see meyer-briggs personalities as normative categories "   

       Aaand identified the author in eight words just scanning the idea in a hurried manner.
normzone, Dec 10 2013

       [xandram] Rorschach sentences are the bread and butter of the bakery. Even without assigning a meaning, I feel the end of the sentence doesn't flow. Maybe the last and should be an of.
wjt, Dec 10 2013

       Psychology has largely replaced comportment as the major domain for social control. At one time people would have been taught the exact manner in which they would conduct themselves. Their social behaviour would be a regime of manners and breakdown would be indicated by uncouth behaviour. This system is still evident to some extent. But psychology has replaced it. In the contemporary period regulation and breakdown is psychological rather than the breakdown Durkhiem would have been talking about when people's behavioural norms were more rigifly defined when customs, manners and politness and things like that were strongly enforced as the social fabric. That has given way to a culture of mass amateur psychologists that arn't watching for your grammar school manners but psychological deviance. This too will likely give way, as did the aforementioned positivist regimes.   

       Think about Leave it to Beaver the television show. It shows a 1950s family in America. Since then the social control structure of American society has changed. The show portrays a cast of archetypal characters. Television had a role in influencing people to become archetypal characters as it became an element in social control, or mass social effect. This was a key point in the psychologisation of society as behaviour became influenced by these normative formations rather than by school marms in an inflexible society towards any behavioural deviance.   

       The Rorschach test combines disciplinary society with psychological normalisation into archetypes. The Roscharch Test imploded psychological society just as television imploded the disciplinary society of the 1950s. The equivocation of social deviance with psychological deviance has broken down. Consider and contrast an "ILL MANNERED" person, and a "MENTALLLY ILL" person today. Both are a normalized hallucinatory perception of abnormailty. The behavioral and cognitve analogy and its reification consitutes a single reality, and anything unanalogous to the norm or analogous to other archetypes ie schizophrenia is subject to dominant hallucination persecution. Rorschach Test is a dialectical material object like the television because it imploded social control society. Capital according to Marx is dialectical material, and his theory of capital dialectical materialism suggests from an existential phenomenological perspective that it imprisons the worker in a meaninglessness of existence that the worker will seek freedom and meaning from in a revolutionary way. Or is that the beautiful Ayn Rand. I will think more about ut.
rcarty, Dec 10 2013

       The textualization of reality is subject to error due to the ineffability of the human experience; additionally the notion of truth is suspect when discussing conflicting metaphysical frameworks which explain (i.e. textualize) reality in complementary ways. In other words, ironic implosion or similar textual deconstruction typically does not lead to correspondingly significant physical events, though it may imply them. In fact, there appear to be competing realities and frameworks for explaining the world (e.g. norms). The test proposed in the original idea, by labeling as pseudoscience all non-dadaist (i.e. non-literal) interpretations of inkblots, would indicate that pseudoscience is a necessary prerequisite for self-awareness.
sninctown, Dec 11 2013

       //Television had a role in influencing people to become archetypal characters as it became an element in social control, or mass social effect.//   

       And it sold a heckuva lot of washing powder.
AusCan531, Dec 11 2013

       //Psychology has largely replaced comportment as the major domain for social control.//   

       Can we have justice next? Pretty please?
spidermother, Dec 12 2013

       [wjt] Your *of* is accepted by my elf.
xandram, Dec 12 2013

       You've never met anyone who actually worked in advertising, have you, [rcarty]?
pertinax, Dec 14 2013


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