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polarized light field imaging

X-Ray alternative
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Use Polarized light field imaging for dental imaging and osteography.

For dental use, a fixture could be made with a camera on one side and light on the other, which could then be set inside the mouth with no need for body protection, an external room or a special technician.

The light could be slightly moved around if it is being blocked in any way, and the dentist could then decide how to operate immediately with no wait.

For body testing, it would replace mammography.

pashute, Feb 25 2016

http://hackaday.com...iews-the-invisible/ [mofosyne, Feb 26 2016]

http://hackaday.com...larimetric-cameras/ [mofosyne, Feb 26 2016]


       Are you sure polarized light can accomplish this?   

       Polarized light is already used for imaging stresses in transparent plastic.
notexactly, Feb 25 2016

       No, it would work absolutely fine, unless you wanted to image opaque tissue, such as muscle, bone or sinew.
8th of 7, Feb 25 2016

       Teeth are transparent to light?
notexactly, Feb 25 2016

       I think what's missing here is any sort of explanation.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 25 2016

       More useful for landmine detection tho. Check link
mofosyne, Feb 26 2016


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