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Roving Tea Tandem

A tandem bicycle that heats enough water so that both riders can have a nice cup of tea.
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Large dynamos attached to the wheels drive electricity to a heating element contained within a small one litre alloy kettle tank which is fixed upon the frame just behind the first rider.

As pedalling ensues, the water is heated.Once boiling point has been reached, "peeps and whistles" can be heard by the second rider, thus alerting the front rider with a "ding" of the sugar cube releasing bicycle bell and disengaging of the dynamos.

Once you have pulled over safely and stopped.Simply squeeze the handle lever several times affixed to the rear handlebar, the hot water is now pumped up through a pipe within the handlebar.

Drop your teabags into the cups from your pack, add milk from the bicycle milk pump and sugar if desired.Turn the handlebar tap, pour water from the handlebar spout into cups, stir, enjoy, refresh.

I would expect to see hordes of day trippers, pedalling around the sea fronts of UK coastal destinations on these during the summer.(now all we need is one that produces ice cream)

skinflaps, Mar 06 2006


       nearly useless, overly complex, perfect, bun for you!
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 06 2006

       How many sugars[G_C]?
skinflaps, Mar 09 2006

       Fantastic! Maybe you could adapt the clothes dryer ice cream maker to work off geared wheels and be towed along behind.
egbert, Mar 09 2006

       + singing... ' A Bicycle Built for Tea for Two'.
xandram, Mar 10 2006

       Thanks[boysparks], interestingly I entered this into the Wallace and Gromit, PG tips £10,000 "invent a tea making contraption" competition. never heard a thing back, not even a mug or a dvd or free teabag sent in the post.   

       Still, who cares, the fun is here, not in a envelope.
skinflaps, Mar 10 2006


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