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Rubber-Bellied Piggy Bank

A piggy bank with a rubber belly
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The more coins you save, the bigger the pig's tummy becomes.
imaginality, May 16 2008

fridge_20belly or use this to keep your savings on ice [xenzag, May 17 2008]

Coin Catchers http://www.vincentv...s/coin-catchers/18/
Expandable Cloth "Sock Banks" [Amos Kito, May 17 2008]

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       Ha! Love it.
simonj, May 16 2008

       Happy croissants to you [imaginality]
xenzag, May 16 2008

       I also love how you've clarified the title by using the subtitile.
simonj, May 17 2008

       This would be awesome I think. The difference being in the rubber material.
blissmiss, May 18 2008

       I am not sure I'd find it 'awesome', but I think it's good enough for a [+]
theNakedApiarist, May 19 2008

       + vewy, vewy cute! (Porky Pig talk)
xandram, May 19 2008


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