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Piggy bank reincarnate

We can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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A piggy bank with thick plastic walls, embedded in which are magnets strong enough to hold it together when full of coins.

Smash to your heart's content.

fridge duck, Oct 31 2006


jmvw, Oct 31 2006

       Part piggy bank, part jigsaw: 'jiggy bank'? Or perhaps not.   

imaginality, Oct 31 2006

       So are these magnets supposed to hold the piggy bank together when under force, or just to reassemble the pieces after destruction?
hidden truths, Nov 01 2006

       Well, both. The magnets keep the bank from bursting under the weight of coins, but allow it to be reassembled with little hassle.
fridge duck, Nov 01 2006

       could he/she squeal a bit when broken?
po, Nov 01 2006

       + great idea. Could you please give Humpty Dumpty a call? Mother Goose hasn't figured this out yet.
xandram, Nov 01 2006

       oh, [po] you just made my day.   

       Could it beg for it's life? the thought of a little kid, eyes lit up in eager anticipation of the new bike they're going to buy, callously ignoring the desperate pleas of the imperilled piggy. A swing of the hammer and CRACK a large section of the piggy’s hindquarter is reduced to rubble. WEEEEEEEEE!! WWWEEEEEEEEEEE!!! WWWEE WWEEE WWE WWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! CRACK!! WWWEEE!! WWOO WWOO… CRACK!! Wi wi wi.. CRACK!!   

       “Oh, only seven dollars. Oh well, maybe next week.”   

       [+] for that.
Custardguts, Nov 01 2006

       Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Just what the world needs!   

       Something other than magnets might be wise, as that could get difficult, and I see a bunch of plastic shards sitting in one stubborn heap refusing to move. Then again, magnetic plastic walls are the only thing that can be fixed after they break without superglue and stress...   

       If only I could give more than one croissant, I would. That is the best idea I've seen in weeks...
bluefood2010, Sep 26 2008


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