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fridge belly

increase your fridge's capacity by adding an extension
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There are times in the year when your fridge is just not big enough for all those extra supplies. Adding a fridge belly extension will solve this problem.

Fridge Belly comes as a kit requiring a small amount of DIY work. The task begins with the drilling of a round hole somewhere on the fridge door, into which is inserted the flexible, insulated hollow gullet that is in turn connected to the expanding belly, which then hangs on the end of it. A hook and hanging harness are also attached to the outerside of the door to stop the belly from dragging on the floor when it contains heavy items.

The result of all this means the extra belly is now connected to the cooling interior of the fridge, but hangs on the outside. It is now ready to be unzipped and receive a large turkey or whatever else you are able to stuff into its rubberised expanding confines.

xenzag, Dec 09 2005


       Your fridge runneth over?   

       My wife keeps accusing me of getting a fridge belly. But I don't think that's what you had in mind.
DrCurry, Dec 10 2005

       Stuff a lotta Coors inside and you got a beer belly.
missingdonuts, Dec 11 2005


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