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Polo for the type of people that are afraid of horses...
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I am afraid of horses. They give me the creeps. I never rode horseback in my life. But, i enjoy watchin' polo on TV (go ahead, laugh it up). So, being a middle-class Canadian, I came up with a way to play polo while using some other form of transportation, the four-wheeler, or quad-racer. I got an oversized ball (an OMNIKIN ball), 7 buddies, 7 quad-racers (or four-wheelers) and a big field. What we did is we tried to push the ball with the quads between two posts. We basically made up rules on the go, like being able to get off the bike and kicking the ball and ramming into other bikers. We don't have penalties, but we do get even without worry. The inaugural game went well, without injury and bragging rights going to the winning team. We have yet to play another game, though.


HomerX, Sep 24 2002

ATV Polo http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/ATV_20Polo
by [thcgenius] [half, Sep 24 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Halfbaked by the drugged one. (link)
half, Sep 24 2002

       If you hit an old baseball hard enough, the seams rip - giving the ball the appearance of a "Q"
thumbwax, Sep 24 2002

       //The inaugural game went well// - i.e. baked by self admission.
PeterSilly, Sep 24 2002


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