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Rumba Toaster

roving toaster
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I love rumbas, and I love toast, so I spotted an obvious gap in the market that only a rumba toaster can fill.

Rumba Toaster is a jolly little vehicle that moves dutifully around the house ensuring that it's always close by to satisfy your random needs for a slice of toast. It can't climb stairs but it has no problem with carpets, tiles or wood floors. Like all rumbas, Rumba Toaster periodically recharges itself as toasting uses a lot of power.

You train it with a few simple commands: "Rumba - make Toast - both sides - well done" Rumba will dutifully toast the slice of bread, then all you have to do is spread on some butter, and load in one of the spare slices it carries around on its side.

Military version features caterpillar tracks for crossing rough surfaces like lego covered floors.

see quick scribble in link for what version one looks a bit like

xenzag, May 14 2021

Rumba Toaster https://sodabred.tu...inal-idea-by-xenzag
[xenzag, May 14 2021]

Dancing toaster? https://www.britann...com/art/rumba-dance
Spelling counts! [Sgt Teacup, May 14 2021]

Stairs? https://www.youtube...watch?v=jVKvObM93LU
Until cerebras are ubiquitous, and the wheel is depredicated. (0.47s) [wjt, May 16 2021]

(???) Side-door toaster https://thumbs.wort...bde933d5b4858c8.jpg
Not a particularly good (or clean...) example. [neutrinos_shadow, May 17 2021]


       I wasn’t sure at first until I looked at your drawing...can’t resist a truck shaped toaster with a little man driving it. + feed him this bread.
xandram, May 14 2021

       //It can't climb stairs// useless then.
pocmloc, May 14 2021

       That is freaking amazing. That driver must smell like a whole lotta toast. Lucky man. Best smell ever. Wonder if he's married. Oh sorry, got off topic.
blissmiss, May 14 2021

       //It can't climb stairs// Not that I'm obsessed or anything but is there a reason why this device has wheels, rather than four ducted fans like a quadcopter drone? That way it could hover next to the table or armchair, and could easily go upstairs or down into the basement.
pocmloc, May 14 2021

       Fans are noisy. Toast should be quiet.
xenzag, May 14 2021

       Ok, suspended from a ceiling mounted track
pocmloc, May 14 2021

       The driver of course whistles a jaunty Latin-American tune.
FlyingToaster, May 14 2021

       As the Flying Toaster points out, the title implies jaunty Latin tunes and, of course, fancy footwork (unlikely with just the wheels for locomotion).   

       Rumba (sp. also rhumba): Afro-Cuban ballroom dancing   

       Roomba™: jolly little wheeled Cleaner who surreptitiously maps your house and uploads the floor plan back to headquarters
Sgt Teacup, May 14 2021

       A dance of heat always makes things taste better.
wjt, May 16 2021

       This brings to mind the healthy snack rumba/roomba-oid, it follows you around, or strategically parks next to a favorite couch or chair and is loaded with healthy snacks like nuts so the most convenient easy to reach food is always good for you. Hey, its easier than getting up and going to the kitchen so might succeed. A robot that is actually good for dieters.
beanangel, May 16 2021

       Lovely drawing, but I have an alternative "style": like a front-loading skip truck. Bread is place on the forks at the front (or even on a plate so the Toaster can pick it up) then raised & delivered into the toaster. Once toasted, the back tips & opens, & the toast slides out onto the plate (whether the same plate as before or a different one, or just into your hand). Gives you options for auto-spreading too, built into the back door as the toast leaves.
neutrinos_shadow, May 16 2021

       [Sgt Teacup] explains the difference between a Rumba and Roomba but I'd like to point out that there's nothing precluding a Roomba doing a Rumba as it brings you your toast whilst simultaneously slurping up your inevitable crumbs.
AusCan531, May 17 2021

       //simultaneously slurping up your inevitable crumbs// and compressing them into reconstituted toast.
pocmloc, May 17 2021

       //I have an alternative "style": like a front-loading skip truck// Thanks for kind comments. The drawing was only a quick scribble as I prefer to work quickly without references for a few reasons. I did consider other vehicles but wanted a really simple type similar to ones you see carrying glass sheets on their sides, which is one source from where the idea is derived. Some more skilled person could make a much better rendering, but I make a lot of this type of drawing as visual notes to record ideas.
xenzag, May 17 2021

       [xenzag]; like an old-school side opening toaster! Brilliant!
neutrinos_shadow, May 17 2021

       Sorry - train I'm on jerked and my finger deleted your link just as I was clicking on it. Post it again - would love to see.
xenzag, May 17 2021

       Hah! Trains can be such jerks...
neutrinos_shadow, May 17 2021

       Link won't open....
xenzag, May 18 2021

       Weird... works for me. Anyway, it was just an example from a Google image search result for "old side open toaster".
neutrinos_shadow, May 18 2021


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