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SCO Bag'age Scanner

The checkstand is a thing of the past
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Every item in the store is taged with a small mag RFID tag. Instead of a conventional chackstand you place your bags on a conveyor that transports them into a high power RFID scanner similar in structure to an airport baggage xray. This device weighs the bags and scans the item tags totaling the purchase. You pass through a portal that scans you for tags then pay for the items on the other side. Once you have paid the scanner disgorges the bags and you are on your way.
WcW, Mar 08 2008

First link... http://www.rfidjour...ticle/view/1082/1/1
on Googling "RFID self checkout" [neutrinos_shadow, Mar 09 2008]


       I'm pretty sure this is a well-established vision of the "store of tomorrow".
phoenix, Mar 09 2008

       What's "SCO"? Also, what's a checkstand?
angel, Mar 10 2008

       SCO = Self-CheckOut   

       "Checkstand" is another word for "checkout counter" - the combination of conveyor belt, register, and collection area that you pass as you pay for goods in e.g. a grocery store.
jutta, Mar 25 2008


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