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Sales Clerks vs Shoppers Obstacle Store

Store based on sales staff putting stuff in your cart and you keeping it out.
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You and your family register and allow your credit card to be held hostage and charged for everything in your cart at the end of your run. At the fall of the start flag one member of the family attempts run an obstacle course with the cart. The others try to find bargains and fend of the worst attacks of the sales clerks. The sales clerks try to block the progress of the cart by creating obstacles and by putting overpriced merchandise into the cart.

Clerks are of similar size, number, and skill to those of the family. The resulting TV show pays for damages and much of the merchandize in the cart when it crosses the finish line.

New clerks, family and store each week. Or maybe the same store for a year or so.

popbottle, Apr 02 2014

Similar but more athletic not as messy. Olympic_20Shopping_20Cart_20Events
More olympic [popbottle, Apr 02 2014]

You need the " In Cart Shopping Concierge " http://www.youtube....watch?v=JKWi5T2bSuc
It's the fourth anno down... [normzone, Apr 02 2014]


       So, basically supermarket sweep with the store as an active component?
MechE, Apr 02 2014

       Go straight to the insecticide. Now the smallest of the clan has a repellant to defeat the largest assistant by blinding.   

       To become the viewer favourite, find an ax instead.   

       Cooking oil traps would be the store assistant's weapon of choice, I'd imagine.   

       This could be Hugely popular, but the show would probably need good lawyers. Maybe get their numbers from a Japanese game show host?   

skoomphemph, Apr 02 2014

       " Or maybe the same store for a year or so. "   

       Kind of like " Shopping With The Stars " ?   

normzone, Apr 02 2014

       Love +
blissmiss, Apr 02 2014

       Simply take the cart and tip it upside down near the exit?
RayfordSteele, Apr 03 2014


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