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SMS to FAX gateway

type an SMS msg into your phone, out it comes on someone's fax
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ive only heard of SMS msgs being exchanged between phones. phoneless folks who want to send a msg to a phone can use AT&T's web page. but what about phoneful folks who want to send an SMS to a the phoneless but faxful?

there is a network of free fax servers out there.[STOP] it would be nifty to have short ascii messages roll out of a friend's fax machine.[STOP] almost like a telex! [STOP]

wouldnt it?[PAUSE]

gnormal, Aug 25 2001


       Doesn't the presence of a fax indicate the presence of a phone?   

       This reminds me of a Dilbert cartoon where D is vying for technological superiority over a co-worker. One of the panels has a fax coming out of his belt.
phoenix, Aug 25 2001

       Most SMS providers supply e-mail gateways these days. (In the US, many people "send email from my cell phone" without realizing they're using SMS and a gateway.)   

       There are lots of E-mail to FAX gateways, so there's your bakey. Better yet, just send them an e-mail; FAX machines are dumb.   

       And yeah, who's got a FAX machine but no phone?
egnor, Aug 04 2002

       I think this is great. My dad has a mobile phone but it's rarely on and he don't know how to SMS. (he has no computer/email) A fax he can handle! It would be nice to be able to send him 'hellos' now and then.
argdumtrist, Aug 24 2007

       FAX? You mean those clunky picturephone thingies they used to have in offices during the medieval era?
kinemojo, Aug 24 2007

       Googled for this, because I really need it, and one of the top results is this hbidea here on HB!   

       Responding to the negative annos:   

       1. In my country, all government, banks, lawyers, large goods suppliers - all use fax, and for various interactions will not accept anything besides a fax.   

       2. Most people have a cell phone with no fast way to send an email 2 fax.   

       So: SMS2Fax will be great for the combined situation.
pashute, Jun 16 2010

       //1. In my country, all government, banks, lawyers, large goods suppliers - all use fax, and for various interactions will not accept anything besides a fax.//   

       I don't know what country you're from, but my country is considered fairly advanced and still people occasionally ask me to fax things to them. Lawyers are slooooowly catching on to scan-and-email, but my last accountant still has a fax and no email address! I find it incredible that people like that can stay in business at all.
wagster, Jun 16 2010

       There is some legal thing about a fax, my bank (for one particularly obscure account) will accept a printed and signed instruction or a faxed instruction, but not scanned and emailed and not also faxed via a computer. They must have analogue lawyers!
pocmloc, Jun 16 2010


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