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remote access using cellphone

Transmit key stroke and relay information using cell phone
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I know there are software that allow remote access of computer using the internet. Why not combine wireless technology with it on computerized equipment that are not usually connected to the internet. Now everything can be remote accessed, maintain and updated. I am looking forward to the day that I can control my robots using cellphone.
bing, Apr 05 2002

Google: Wireless Data Communications http://directory.go...nications/Wireless/
So, how does this differ from the existing attempts at wireless networking? [jutta, Apr 05 2002]

Remotely accessing my wife mailto:cyrano@her.ph
You post the mobile phone number (in US/Canada) of recipient plus a letter designation A=AT&T; C=Cingular; N=Nextel; M=(My)Verizon; S=Sprint; V=VoiceStream. The mail-cell-gateway returns you a clever romantic saying, formatted for rapid dispatch (upon your approval) to your significant other. If I were to send a message to myself it would be sent to above address, with the content of the SMS-mail message: 8172960254A. [pathetic, Apr 08 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Track flights, packages, etc. http://www.hz.com
Handy site -- has about 50 canned queries, including a query for the Bible quoting verses. [pathetic, Apr 08 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       If (when?) your cell phone runs Windows CE, you can.
phoenix, Apr 05 2002

       You don't have to wait for winCE, you can do it right now using a mix of java micro edition on available phones (like Motorolai90) and java on the desktop or the server. wireless.java.sun.com for plenty of examples on how to do it.
rpruiz, Apr 05 2002

       Oh, my idea is to develop a chip that can be installed or retrofited onto a machine that will add wireless internet control capability to it. The different version of cellphone most people talked about here is on the user end. I am talking about something on the machine end. Sorry for not being clear the first time which I don't usually seem able to do.
bing, Apr 08 2002

       How would this be different from an existing wireless card that I install in my laptop to make it talk X802.11 ?
jutta, Apr 08 2002

       This is unfortunately baked. People have been experimenting with controlling things with mobile phones for ages and you will probably find countless patents on this subject.   

       Already ordering from vending machines with a mobile phone is pretty standard practise in Scandinavia. Adding robots or any other device is pretty easy. The challenge is finding the right application.
Aristotle, Apr 08 2002


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