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Shiatsu Over Internet Protocol
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After a hard day of painting and general home maintenence I need a good, probing shoulder and neck massage, but my partner is overseas. Lucky she took her VR sensor kit and laptop with her.

At the pre-arranged time, I settle into place in front of my PC and log in to the ‘net. I don the heavy SOIP Massage Mantle ® and my partner and I enjoy the sight and sound of each other as well as the comforting, virtual touch that the system enables.

ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 25 2005

I read this as SIOP, and thought about something completely different http://en.wikipedia...ed_Operational_Plan
Maybe I read too much [Custardguts, Dec 08 2008]

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       I find this somehow more disturbing than phone sex.
DrCurry, Aug 25 2005

       I believe this will be possible one day. yes, scary.
dentworth, Aug 25 2005

       I thought that something very very similar to this is possible...   

       *embarassed giggle*
froglet, Aug 25 2005

       Actually, a Bulgarian guy named Smed hacked into your Massage Mantle about 6 weeks ago. Didn't you notice the heavy mustache?
bungston, Aug 26 2005


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