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Virtual Smoking

A “cigar” as an Input Device
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The device would look like a cigar only produce virtual smoke when in a virtual environment. One could presumably control the amount of smoke.

This would be a physical device but as an input device create only virtual smoke when puffed on. Smoke would be overlayed across the users VR goggles...the smoke amount/color/cloud density bing user controlled.

ShawnBob, Jun 17 2022

(?) e-cigars https://epuffer.com/e-cigars/
[Voice, Jun 17 2022]


       Depending on the "virtual environment" this has been made many times. As for an e-cigar, I wouldn't want one: the smoke isn't smokey enough.
Voice, Jun 17 2022

       ...almost but not quite...I’ll modify my description.
ShawnBob, Jun 17 2022

       Excellent idea. Could be used with any screen interface - desktop, laptop, maybe have a bluetooth connection for use with a phone. [+]
pocmloc, Jun 17 2022

       @poc Even better. Said “cigar” could also function as an input device in general that functions by puffing and/or tapping. Possibly also a great 3D cursor of sorts.
ShawnBob, Jun 17 2022

       Yes like an air mouse in cigar form factor
pocmloc, Jun 17 2022

       ...except puffing on an air mouse is no fun 🤪
ShawnBob, Jun 17 2022

       Cool idea. [+]
doctorremulac3, Jun 18 2022


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