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Crunchy chocolate goodies, especially good at parties
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Quite simple, this one – mix together a bag of M&M's and a few tubes of Smarties.

Settles the age-old argument of whether to supply M&Ms or Smarties for a party. And provides an amusing talking point.

bagel, Oct 19 2002

Smarties http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A571727
A guide to Smarties (they're not widely available outside the UK) [bagel, Oct 19 2002]


       they are available in Australia, what if you have the m&m eaters and the smarties eaters at your party? i think it would be better to provide one bowl of smarties and one of m&ms, then if people want both they can take a handfull of each and mix them.
Gulherme, Oct 19 2002

       [admin: Removed possessive apostrophe from title]
st3f, Oct 19 2002

       Can't there be something for the sadist & masochist lobbies as well? Some horseradish flavor ones, maybe -- of random color -- S&M Roulette? Maximizes the pleasure when you get a goodie.
General Washington, Oct 19 2002

       Which reminds me of what the squaddies do when they get the urge in Sierra Leone. If you're squeamish, look away now:   

       Don condom. Apply deep heat. Apply second condom. Make friends with a local. If, at any point in the ensuing thrashings, you scream, then you know yours has broken, or if she screams, hers has...
General Washington, Oct 19 2002

       I protest...M&M's have a posessive apostrophe, why can't S&M's? That's discrimination (snigger....sexual discrimination...snigger).
bagel, Oct 19 2002

       Are you maybe getting a little pedantic in your old age? The idea's a goodun (although personally I prefer mInstrels to either Smarties or M&M's) let's not spoil a good party with grammar.
Miss Weston Smith, Oct 19 2002

       OK, point taken Miss - I suspect grammar probably wouldn't enjoy going to that type of party anyway (she'd probably have real trouble with the crunchy chocolates).
bagel, Oct 19 2002

       There goes another rib, Mr. Bagel!
Miss Weston Smith, Oct 19 2002

       C'mon babies… grease your lips…
Put on your hats, and swing your hips
Don't forget to bring your whips
We're goin' to the Freakers Ball
Blow your whistle…bang your gong
Roll up somethin' to take along
Feels so good… it must be wrong
Freakin' at the Freakers Ball.
po, Oct 19 2002

       Perhaps if the S&M's had aphrodisiac properties they could live up to the conotations of the name and be nice to eat.
Miss Weston Smith, Oct 19 2002

       Tabasco, Deep Heat! Ouch that is so *WRONG*   

       This is a bit of an old idea. It's been kicking around for a while.
madradish, Oct 20 2002

       Read title and thought you were suggesting a new clothing store for the British high street specialising in rubber turtle necks and kinky, dark (but still somehow staid) underwear. The clothing line could be called St.DeSade.
Zircon, Oct 21 2002

       General: Deep heat??? How much (I'm thinking pain here, or melted latex)?
Bert6322, Oct 21 2002

       That reminds me...I originally thought up this a few years back (at a meal, unfortunately...I ended up with food 'spray' when I told it). Back then, I used Skittles, and they actually work better as they have little "s"s on them to go with the "m"s. Although the taste mix isn't as nice as Smarties (UK chocolate Smarties, anyways).
bagel, Oct 22 2002


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