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S.S. Sassafras

On, under and over the Sargasso Sea
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Sixty percent airship
Almost half submarine,
Shaped more like a sausage
Than a liver or spleen.

Hung from a zeppelin
The S.S. Sassafras
Is lighter than water
With lighter-than-air gas.

To go up or go down
More or less helium
Is pumped to its balloon
Or tanks aluminium.

Sometimes it’s submerged
Under waves, foam and spray
Sometimes it is airborne
O’er the surface to sway.

It’s pulled by propellers
Flown and steered by a crew,
In water it’s pushed by
A single aft screw.

Tourists fill the hull
To peer out at the seals
And sea lions and seagulls
And socializing eels.

As the sub breaks water
Like a whale or a shark
Its guests dine and toast
Until long after dark.

FarmerJohn, Jun 27 2005

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       Don't tie me to a mast. Pop-rivet me to a gunwale.
reensure, Jun 27 2005

       A bun is due for this stanza, Genuis!!!

"Tourists fill the hull
To peer out at the seals
And sea lions and seagulls
And socializing eels."
Minimal, Jun 27 2005

       One ticket for the maiden voyage please.
kaz, Jun 28 2005

       A submarine on the Sargasso Sea
Might get stuck in the reeds
Because sargassum aren't a fish specie
But are very thick sea weeds!

       What Minimal said.   


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