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Frustrated by blunt garden tools?
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Business opportunity- Live in London? Earn£££s. Love travelling on public transport and horticulture? Sharpen spades by dragging them behind a London (open back entrance) bus. Collect the blunt spade from your customer. Wait for bus. Stand on rear platform and continue till bus returns to customers home.
john b, Jan 02 2002


       Can someone explain the title to me?
jutta, Jan 02 2002

       methinks Saddo is short for sadistic - co short for company. Hey john, how did you find out about the bakery?
thumbwax, Jan 02 2002

       I was expecting the Saddam Oil Company.
angel, Jan 02 2002

       sad(do) co(mpany) - bit of a dig. I hate him
po, Jan 02 2002


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