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UUID Trademarks

No more clashes
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One of the problems with trademarks is that they are so often innocently breached.

The breaches are so innocent, they can even suggest a clash with the first amendment itself. They certainly come abreast of many simple IT concepts, and the free spirit of the 60's.

Therefore, I propose a new system whereby anyone making a trademark, assigns the trademark to a UUID, and only the UUID is protected. Any bottle or box or can touting the trademark can proudly display the UUID and then whatever text you want.

This still protects the seller; only one person can ever sell goods under 4670368f-b890-11e7-9174-9439e58df54e.

And it also gives the seller the freedom to put any text whatsoever on that box; they could change it day to day, week to week, and keep up with the trends.

mylodon, Oct 24 2017


       I'm not sure I get this.   

       Suppose I develop a logo that looks like a fish with wings. So, I give my logo a UUID, and I use the logo on the labels on my boxes of thrimping bolts.   

       Then somebody else takes my winged fish and tweaks it a little, and starts using in their adverts for stersion springs; and another somebody else coincidentally comes up with a vaguely similar design which they use as the logo for their PGG-manufacturing business.   

       What happens next, and how does having the UUID help me?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 24 2017

       Well, hopefully by the time this gets off the ground, most people are using software-based agents to do their shopping, and they will be comfortable with UUIDs.   

       Also, it is the only true solution to this problem. Ask anyone in IT.   

       They always say the same thing.   

       "4670368f-b890 -11e7-9174 -9439e58df54e"
mylodon, Oct 24 2017

       The 60s have not yet been amended, but it's one of the things I'm working on.
pertinax, Oct 24 2017

       If you can imagine a starfaring culture where the number of competing companies matches the number of sort combinations of one to three words in the dictionary, this will become required! You can't sell a sodapop very well if you have to name it Agiopantha Today!
mylodon, Oct 26 2017

       //You can't sell a sodapop very well if you have to name it Agiopantha Today!// No, since that's the English translation of Borneo's top-selling newspaper.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 26 2017


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