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Safety Microwave

Auto Shut Off Feature
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A Microwave Oven with a built in smoke detector.
As soon as food starts to burn, 'Ding', the microwave shuts off.
MikeOliver, Oct 23 2009


       seems reasonable
dentworth, Oct 24 2009

       It would need to be a pretty sophisticated smoke detector, since there are a lot of vapors wafting around in a microwave that might set it off prematurely.
Joolin, Oct 24 2009

       Or alternatively a very basic one, which detects the smoke particles blocking out light.
MikeOliver, Oct 24 2009

       What [Joolin] said.   

       Whatever's cooking may emit steam, vapourised fat (which cools into droplets), even a little "normal" smoke. An ionisation detector won't be suitable, optical detectors will rapidly become contaminated and useless. This would be a serous technical challenge.   

       But a bun, anyway. [+]
8th of 7, Oct 24 2009

       An optical smoke detector with a wiper (like a windshield wiper?) :)
goldbb, Oct 26 2009

       //with a wiper// with a ship's clear view screen, surely?
pocmloc, Oct 26 2009

       Can we add a metal detector?
BunsenHoneydew, Oct 26 2009

       Partially baked with a certain toaster, I saw a program about the making of it: a smoke detector pops the toast up when it detects a set amount of smoke, sensitive enough to select the right shade of brown.
mitxela, Oct 26 2009

       You don't know what you're missing.
Aq_Bi, Oct 27 2009

       I would suggest that [Joolin]'s observation is the reason these don't already exist.
tatterdemalion, Oct 27 2009

       //I would suggest that [Joolin]'s observation is the reason these don't already exist.//
[Mitxela]'s observation suggests otherwise!
MikeOliver, Oct 27 2009


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