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See through microwave door

Make a microwave door more see-through with a camera
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As someone who prepares a lot of food in the microwave(vegetarian who doesn't like rabbit food), I've come to dislike the difficulty in seeing through the microwave door easily.

The grid that prevents the microwaves from escaping and cooking my cat keeps me from seeing the food well - unless i move my head from side to side at high frequency to blur the lines. Even then, it is difficult to see the edges of food burning, water in a bowl boiling, etc - and the cat looks at me funny.

Since I'm no microwave expert, I won't attempt to retool the grid, in fact, I'm going to use the same material for the door as the sides use - completely blocking it out.

Nextly, we'll mount an LCD to the front of the unit and a camera (auto focusing, auto white balance, auto everything) to the ceiling, looking downwards at the food (from behind some cleanable plastic). If there issues with the microwave cooking the camera, I'll use a pinhole camera and one of the annoying aforementioned microwave screens, aligning the pinhole camera with one of the holes in the screen.

A few wires hooked between the screen and the camera and presto! now you can get a bird's eye view of your bird's eye stringbeans and extract them when they're cooked just perfectly.

The extended deluxe model includes a battery operated (wall wart optional) remote screen which works on wifi (N, so the microwave doesn't bork the signal, as with B and G) so the chef can watch the food from afar. It also has the option to detect those bluetooth (sometimes wifi too - but as mentioned before, this will probably only work with wifi-N) picture frames people give their grandparents and send the video there (bandwidth permitting).

ericscottf, Sep 02 2008


       Well, if you intend capturing photons and passing on the information, you may as well capture the ones in the infrared range. Manipulate the image into the visible spectrum. I don't know, but perhaps, blue for cold and red for hot, that'll be good.
4whom, Sep 02 2008

       I'm bothered by the same issue. My thought was to move the screen around, simulating moving my head from side to side. My way is probably cheaper.
phoenix, Sep 02 2008

       It's a great invention if doable. (vegan too, who doesn't eat wabbit).
blissmiss, Sep 02 2008

       Definitely practical. [+].
8th of 7, Sep 02 2008

       I have mounted my entire kitchen on an oscillating base, and I sit in the living room and relax while watching my food get waved.
normzone, Sep 02 2008

       You could run a "best of" compilation and clip shows for when you had no food, and have some kind of screensaver.
nineteenthly, Sep 04 2008

       That's an idea in itself, [nineteenthly].
normzone, Sep 04 2008


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