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Remote controlled microwave-freezer

Automatically cook the contents of your freezer
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Using the latest 'inverse microwave' and internet access technology, this product allows one to both preserve a frozen meal and then cook it from the comfort of the bus home. This product also comes with a vacuum attachment for easy crumb removal.
ilawrow, May 04 2001


       Ivan, Stop pissing around on my time and get some proper work done, Jim
JimLindop, May 04 2001

       ROFL! No *WAY* that just happened! HAAAHAHahaha...
absterge, May 04 2001

       this sounds like a sure fire winner, I'll invest in your company Ivan.
eddie healey, May 04 2001

       Forget the idea. This gets my vote for sheer comedy value.
st3f, May 04 2001

       huh? where's the comedic part?
mihali, May 04 2001

       mihali, ilawrow was in here getting paid to goof off (*ahem*), and his (presumably) boss, JimLindop, came in here, made himself an account, and told the slackard to quit leaning on his shovel. *Quite* hilarious!
absterge, May 04 2001

       oooooohhhhhh!!!! i get it. sorry, it's a friday, and i'm already thinking about the weekend. hence, my brain is not working at full capacity (like it ever is!).
mihali, May 04 2001


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