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Safety Snack Machine

14 people a year die from vending machine related accidents.
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This is for those 14 unlucky, machine tipping, "I want my candy bar" people out there. It principle is simple. it is built just like a self-righting punching bag. there is a wide curved bottom that has a hundred pounds of sand in it then the despensing portion is pyramid shaped and covered in foam. The Viewing glass is bullet-proof glass and all products are sprayed with lysol before the person is allowed to retrieve it from the extra large one-way candy bay that won't let you stick your hand too far inside to get caught. For the other 6,233,563,894 people of the world, you can use the regular ones.
xcpostman, Jun 05 2004


       This principle could also be applied to televisions. The global sucess of Tellytubbies led to some serious and sometimes fatal accidents when toddlers took the invitation for a "BIIIIG HUUUG!" literally and jumped up to embrace the telly. A suitably counterwieghted TV would allow youngsters to cuddle onscreen friend replacements to their little hearts content. Or you could cuddle them yourself. The child I mean...
wagster, Jun 05 2004

       The guy walks up to the counter and whispers to the clerk, "There's no stool to stand on and I can't reach the condom machine, you don't seriously expect me to lean over from on the commode, do you?"   

       Hee heh. The guy was a midget.
dpsyplc, Jun 05 2004

       Very half baked, but with the right organization behind it this could be a success. Start that organization and get rich on the membership dues.
kbecker, Jun 06 2004


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