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Self-Rocking Vending Machine

Title changed because it was misleading
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A vending machine that detects when a product gets stuck in mid-vend and rocks itself side-to-side until the product drops. Saves the buyer the risk of over-turning the machine and getting injured or killed, as well as providing an amusing show for passers-by.

To prevent people from trying to tip it manually, the machine can be programmed to use the rocker motors to oppose the action of unauthorized tipping. This would also come in handy in fierce windstorms and earthquakes.

May or may not be programmed to automatically "accidentally" dispense additional snacks upon self-shaking.

21 Quest, Aug 27 2007

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       Most excellent idea. Pictures it going into a spasm as something gets stuck sideways and can't be dislodged, regardless of vigor of rocking action. In this case it should be able to engage a coughing or spluttering action to clear its blocked throat. +
xenzag, Aug 28 2007


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