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Safety Sombrero

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It is lined with a lightweight protective plastic, much like a helmet, but decorated for a festive Mexican appeal, with an oversized brim to deflect falling icicles etc.
benfrost, Sep 11 2006

(?) Construction Sombrero http://www.capcitye...om/gshats0516f.html
[jurist, Sep 11 2006]

Construction Sombrero https://daneshd.com...at-with-a-sombrero/
[Voice, Oct 18 2017]


       BrauBeaton, that is just creepy.
DesertFox, Sep 11 2006

Helixthecat, Mar 06 2007

       In parts of Australia where sunshine and falling rocks strike about equally hard, it's not unusual to see a combination hard-hat/bush- hat, often featuring a shade cloth down the back like the ones on foreign-legionnaire kepis.
pertinax, Oct 17 2017

       What about drop-bears ? Do the hats protect against those, too ?   

       Are there corks on strings round the brim ?
8th of 7, Oct 17 2017

       Sombrero [+]
Voice, Oct 18 2017


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