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Sales Call Discouraging Outgoing Message

This should get them to not call back.
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Make them think they got the wrongest wrong number they've ever called in their life. The caller hears a recorded voice:

"This is the North American Strategic Nuclear Missile Command launch center. Missile launch code received. Thank you Mr President. Have a nice day."

Then for good measure play that scary "end of the world" alarm sound they play at the start of the emergency broadcast system test.

doctorremulac3, Apr 11 2012

This thing http://www.youtube....watch?v=HgAkxVxo9MU
[doctorremulac3, Apr 11 2012]


       I would think that Emergency Broadcast sound played real loud should do it!
xandram, Apr 11 2012

       If you want to discourage sales calls, it's the auto- dial software you need to frighten, or the management of the call center, not the poor sod making the calls. Unless it's a recording -- clearly, in that case, this idea makes perfect sense.   

       Playing the fax noise might work better -- it's at least plausible that automated systems would recognize it, and autodialers have an incentive to delete fax numbers from their databases.
mouseposture, Apr 11 2012

       I don't think that this idea will discourage any salespeople at all. Quite the opposite: "Well, since nuclear apocalypse is nigh anyway, how about exchanging some of your soon-to-be- totally-worthless money for something of tangible value, like a magazine subscription? Assuming you survive the initial blast, basic goods like toilet paper are expected to be in very short supply, and you might well be able to trade a copy of Time to a roving gang of bikers in exchange for them not raping and murdering your family in front of you. We'll even throw in a free pint of clean water if you act now!"
ytk, Apr 11 2012


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