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Same Length Irons

Set of Irons of the same shaft length as a 7 iron.
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A bit frustrated with my game right now. Too many clubs i can not hit well if at all. Handicap of 18 and due to a wager this idea is born.

Frustrated and challenged by my playing partner to a contest of a 18 hole match using only 4 clubs. I used a Adams tight lies 3 wood. A 7 iron, Sand wedge and a putter. Shot my best round ever of a 79 with confidence as these 4 clubs have always been by goto clubs.

My 3 iron is a waste of a fine divining rod that I pull out occassionally just to remind me why i hate it so much.

Enough of the story...

The idea. a set of 5 irons all having the same shaft length as a standard 7 iron but different heads. (3,5,7,9.SW).

This way a a hack like me can get proficient swinging one club length all the time and just switch clubs based on distance.

A nice reliable set would have a driver, fairway wood, 5 of these same leghth irons and a putter.

Shapharian, Oct 21 2007

One club The_20Annual_20One_20Club_20Challenge!
[bungston, Oct 25 2007]


       Three words: club head speed... and angle of elevation.
Seven words, seven words: club head speed, angular momentum and angle of elevation.
Nine words, nine wo....
So essentially you would hit your 7 iron further than your 3, and your pitching wedge somewhere in between.
4whom, Oct 22 2007

       How about a set of golfing boots with different heights of heel?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 22 2007

       Thanks Max, hard not to laugh, Maybe you can trademark "Plus x", as opposed to "Plus fours"
4whom, Oct 22 2007

       Detachable, screw on heads. [+]
Noexit, Oct 22 2007

       Max... heels and choking up don't seem to work ;)
Shapharian, Oct 25 2007


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