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Women's Tees

The female golf ball support
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So I happened to be walking through a department store, and the aisle that led to the electronics section passed the women's clothing section, and there was a sign: "Women's Tees". For some reason (the spelling, probably) I thought about golf, not T-shirts (not even wet T-shirts). What might a "woman's tee" be? I wondered. Therefore....

A woman's tee is very similar to an ordinary golf tee. I will herein describe that ordinary tee as having a "cup" that holds the ball, and a "post" that is inserted into the ground. The main difference is that the female tee has a slightly thicker post, with a hole drilled all the way through it lengthwise, the diameter of which equals the diameter of an ordinary golf tee post. So, the post of a woman's golf tee has thin walls, and a sharp edge at its base can still allow it to slice into the ground, and its tubular nature still provides enough strength for its primary purpose of supporting a golf ball.

Because of its feminine nature, this device will require a feminine name in various languages such as French. I was astounded to learn that "golf tee" translates as "tee de golf" --the crucial words are the same as in English! At the moment the most logical way to feminize it, that I can think of, involves changing that word "de" to something else, perhaps "la"?

Vernon, May 18 2011

Wet T-shirt idea Wet_20T-Shirt_20Enhancement
Some years after posting the main Idea on this page, I happened to think of a wet T-shirt idea. [Vernon, Aug 30 2015]


       This might, I imagine, come in handy for the golfer that swings both ways. So long as when a man tee slides inside a woman tee, in the golfers pocket, the mating is not so tight that the taper makes separating the tease problematic.
Sir_Misspeller, May 18 2011

       //the most logical way to feminize// Women's tee is "tee shirt femme" so a feminine golf tee might be "tee de golf femme." Though that might mean "golf tee for women"   

       //its base can still allow it to slice into the ground// Unlike a normal golf tee, this one, when removed from the ground, will take a core sample, leaving a bigger hole than the normal tee, and requiring to be reamed out before it can be used again. Although maybe that reaming action is the whole point, I dunno.
mouseposture, May 18 2011

       You could use an ordinary golf tee to prevent the core sample from being pulled out of the ground.
Vernon, May 18 2011

       maternitee ?
Sir_Misspeller, May 18 2011

afinehowdoyoudo, May 18 2011

       hope [dub] sees this.
po, May 18 2011

RayfordSteele, May 18 2011

Boomershine, May 18 2011

       I keep reading this a "Women's Trees".
xenzag, May 18 2011

       I thought woman's tees were the ones farther up on the mound that you tee off from, placed there on account of weakness etc. If those are not tees what are they?
bungston, May 18 2011

       There are few concepts in structural linguistics as entirely useless as the gender assignment of inanimate objects.
RayfordSteele, May 18 2011

       [RayfordSteele], in general, I agree with you. However, there are almost always exceptions. The "male" and "female" designations of electrical plugs and receptacles is quite rational, for example.
Vernon, May 18 2011

       This could knock a few strokes off my short game.
tatterdemalion, May 18 2011

       //every noun has a gender// Yes, and "fishwife" in German is neuter. [Vernon] wants something more than gramatical gender.
mouseposture, May 18 2011

       tee tees.
FlyingToaster, May 19 2011


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