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Same Time Same Place

You can only travel in time to here and now. But there is a serious flaw.
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A team of Israeli scientists is led by an Ethiopian religious Jew from the Kiryat Arba settlement in Hebron. The chief scientist is a Beduin woman who in her personal life is the third unofficial wife of the tribe chief living near Beersheba, and the mathematician is a strong good-looking blond medical doctor in a wheelchair. They are working in a privately run laboratory funded by a non-profit non-governmental organization, in search for the possibility of making a "time machine".

Dego, the team leader, and a math savant, teaches at the Beersheba University. He first shows his students how simple a time-traveling machine should be to make, but then he pours water on their enthusiasm when he shows them how and why it is actually impossible to "travel" back in time while retaining memories from the future.

Ranna, the Bedouin scientist is approached by her husband and a group of his colleagues who want to know what she thinks, stating that if there will be any advance in the field, it should be used for the cause, for Islam and the Palestinian nationality. They may then change the history of their people for the better.

She explains the science very clearly to them and shows them the proofs made in 2025, that there is only one single universe, and that it must be as it is. She proves to them that this actually was Islam's stance in the 13th century, shocking them with her vast amount of knowledge and wisdom.

But Hevvel, the good-looking (and always happy) guy in the wheelchair begs to defer. He is enthusiastic and sure that the new toilet seat device will work. And he is right. You can travel back without changing anything, and you can travel forward in time as long as you are traveling just above the "speed of light" in that small margin where the speed fluctuates and cannot be measured precisely. You therefore arrive at a fraction of the time before the actual event.

Of course, this could be done only for very short distances, preferably going nowhere. And that is exactly what we are watching in this episode. Everyone knows that the changes will be minor and that even if it does work, they will not know about it, since everything will change at once, and they will be in the new version, with no knowledge of the old one.

Luckily school today is on strike and Ranna had to bring her bright 8-year-old daughter, Ameera, to work. Although the girl speaks only Arabic her mother told her enough to join the discussion. She listens intently and translates the conversation with google translate. Then comes up with an idea. She writes a simple note in Arabic, stuffs it into a plastic bag and thows it down the toilet when nobody notices. The content is clear: "Will this change?" reads the note.

Exactly five minutes later, with cameras running, and half the world tuning in to see the incredible experiment. There is a commotion when something happens to the toilet and it won't flush properly. But fortunately, they have a bottle of detergent on hand and somehow they complete the experiment.

Hevvel emerges triumphantly and tells the world in French: We did it! Every particle in my body has been transformed into the new version, and I am alive and talking to you. We have formerly done this only with a pen and other objects, then we tried it on a cockroach, Mitzy the cat, and now me!

After the dust settles Ameera cautiously walks over to the toilet only to find that the note was flushed down the sewer. Merd! she exclaims.

pashute, Sep 11 2023




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