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SandCastle Mortar and Catapult War

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Each player has 1 hour to build a sandcastle big enough to hide in. Each castle must have five towers, with walls inbetween. Five flags are planted, each on a tower. They are then issued armaments, such as catapults and mortars, and fling wet sandballs at the other castles.

Last castle with a tower still standing wins!

DesertFox, Dec 24 2005


       oops, the tides coming in...
po, Dec 24 2005

       this game could last a very long time if you are going to use mortar. <wince>   

       sounds fun though, have done something vaugely similar with snow.
rainbow, Dec 24 2005

       I love this, I, dang it, I'm doing this come summer.
One + shaped wet sand blob, INCOMING!

       Splat! It landed right ontop of the [for] button! Good aim, 2frys!
DesertFox, Dec 27 2005

       By mortar i think [DesertFox] means lobbed gunfire (i.e. artillery), not cement. I would love to do this, but the sand at the beach near me doesn't build into castles well. I hear that the silt of the Mississippi is great for sandcastles, though.
Ketchupybread, Mar 30 2007


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