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Revolving Dart Board

A Work Of Dart.
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A slightly thicker dartboard containing a motor which will spin the dartboard when turned on. The speed is variable according to the level of challenge desired by the users. The motor and batteries are reinforced with metal to prevent being damaged by over-zealously thrown darts.
hidden truths, Nov 01 2005

A real Work of Dart http://www.microcar...our/goggo-dart.html
<off topic> apologies [ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 02 2005]

(?) Danger of Darts http://angelmapper.com/ShaunDart.jpg
from Shaun of the Dead. [calum, Nov 02 2005]

(?) Jocky Wilson http://www.actonsta.../dbimg/230photo.jpg
What an athlete! [Jacob Marley, Nov 03 2005]


       It should revolve off center, so the bull's eye is moving too. But see link.
DrCurry, Nov 01 2005

       And, while the board revolves, the number ring can revolve a different direction, plus, lights can flicker on and off, like in Press Your Luck.
phundug, Nov 01 2005

       place the whole darts arena from oche to dartboard on a revolving turntable - get them drunken darts players feeling really dizzy.
po, Nov 01 2005

       A slight amendment and you could provide gainful employment to retired dartplayers. Have it fixed to the back of the ample shirt of someone like Jocky Wilson and give them a five minute head start. When the competitors finally catch up with the (admittedly not very fast moving) target, the sheer skill in getting a maximum would do no harm to the game's long term aim to become an Olympic sport.
Jacob Marley, Nov 03 2005

       It should be a globe.
contracts, Nov 03 2005

       It should have tiny leg and arm restraints so we can pin up small animals and (not) take aim - circus-style!   

       (Just kidding...)
Cedar Park, Nov 05 2005

       A fantastic idea with one problem: Surely the nausea-inducing motion of the board would cause already-drunk players to give way to their impulses and vomit?
Mr Phase, Nov 07 2005

       Bars could probably use the hypnotic qualities of such a device to boost their turnout of expensive drinks.
placid_turmoil, Nov 08 2005

       I cant see the darts getting stuck onto the spinning board as easily as the traditional one. infact i can see them getting deflected off and causing GBH to those nearby...maybe you should call it the "dark-board"
shinobi, Nov 08 2005

       Thanks [hidden], you've found a way to make me even worse at darts than I already am.
wagster, Nov 08 2005

       You're welcome [wags]. I feel your pain as well.   

       Well [contracts] has forethought what was going to be my next idea. A 3D dart board with a picture of a globe on it. You could get points for hitting the smaller countries. Or adopt a political inclination and go after all the oil producing countries. Or something along those lines.   

       I fail to see the problem [shinobi]. Surely darts would be as likely to stick into the board as on a regular board. Which, provided you are using a half-decent board and darts, should be almost all the time.
hidden truths, Nov 08 2005


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