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Skyscraper Darts

Just like lawn darts, without any heads being punctured.
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There we sat, three of us, feet dangling over the parapet of the building, forty-eight floors above the street.

I selected a dart, filled it with whipped cream and hefted it in my hand. Its paper casing was packed full of dairy goodness; its fins were straight and strong; the paper nose cone was pointed and symmetrical... it was good to go.

I watched the flag on the building across the street, waiting for a sign the wind was falling a little then I launched it out at a slight downward angle, allowing approximately eight car lengths. I wanted to hit the driver in the BMW convertible that had pushed through a crowded pedestrian crossing, far below. This was fun!

The missile tipped over in its arc of flight and sped downward, gathering velocity. SPLAT!

It had hit the top edge of the windscreen, spraying cream over the front of the vehicle and the car's occupants.

I had another three darts in the air, each aimed slightly in front of the last... Mr Trustfund and his BMTroubleYou were in for a frustrating afternoon.

Tomorrow I might fill one or two of them with pigeon shit.

UnaBubba, May 25 2012


       (Has to pick jaw off the floor since they weren't filled with custard). Hope you are a good aim. Would hate to get whip creamed in the face as I am riding my bicycle down the street.
blissmiss, May 25 2012

       Everyone else would, however, laugh like drains.   


       PS At last - a use for pigeons !
8th of 7, May 25 2012

       Custard would hurt too much, [blissy].
UnaBubba, May 27 2012

       needs more lasers.   

       otherwise I can see no flaws, apart from the sitting on the edge of a 48 storey building part.   

erenjay, May 27 2012

       There's no problem with sitting on the parapet of a 48-storey building. It's falling off that is the problem... actually, even that isn't the problem. It's how you land when you reach the bottom that's the problem, if gravity is still on and working.
UnaBubba, May 28 2012


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