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Sand Pendulum Movement Wind Chimes

Would actually play different melodies as the wind changed
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A single pendulum hanging from a wide wind catching element rather than a string. (see link for the basic concept) the pendulum strikes an array of tuned bells or strings as the wind imparts motion to it. Likewise, the circular array of bells or chimes can swing separately.

The sand in the example link is flat, but the percussive elements in this would necessarily be arranged in a hemisphere or bowl shape to match the path of the striker pendulum. As more motion was imparted to the striker pendulum, notes closer to the perimeter would be played, perhaps reflecting a more crescendo sounding array of notes. More wind, more exciting like.

The interesting part of this is that the bells, strings, chimes or whatever would be arrayed keeping in mind that random patterns would be created like in the video shown. As the pattern progressed, so would the melody. Unlike regular windchimes that are completely random, these would be changing sequences arranged such that different melodies could be played.

ADDENDUM: Make this a two part deal, a hanging pendulum and mirror image to that a counter weighted upright pendulum like in a metranome strumming the other side so you get the effect in the other link.

ADDENDUM 2: Could have this in a sphere with the axis of the two pendulums in the center. The wind would rotate it around and hit the circular bells that make up the sphere in random sequences of notes.

doctorremulac3, Feb 11 2023

Instead of sand, it's various tuned elements. Could even have different sections. Strings, bells, xylophone etc. https://www.youtube...watch?v=hJzRmjBHfiI
Tuning this would be very interesting. [doctorremulac3, Feb 11 2023]

(?) Get two pendulums going, one hanging the other a counter weighted upright affair. https://www.youtube...watch?v=8116NYBQH5k
Get this kind of sound going. [doctorremulac3, Feb 11 2023]

Chaotic pendulum model https://labs.minute...o/Chaotic-Pendulum/
[a1, Feb 12 2023]

melodious wind chimes Elgar_27s_20Enigma_...ion_20Wind_20Chimes
[xenzag, Feb 12 2023]


       [+] for the idea, though it's not really a "Foucault Pendulum.” You’re relying on wind induced random variations rather the the Earth's rotation for simple precession. I wonder if there's a different class or name for things like those sand pendulums.
a1, Feb 11 2023

       Flagged “get two pendulums going” link - it went to a short clip of harp music. Did you mean to post something about a chaotic pendulum?
a1, Feb 12 2023

       BTW, the phrase I was looking for yesterday was “shifting axis pendulum.”
a1, Feb 12 2023


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