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Sandbox Starter Track

Golf ball rolls down a track made of sand.
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I once saw a guy at the beach who dug a big hole in the sand and built descending ridges and tunnels around the edge so that a golf ball could slowly work its way down to the bottom of the pit. I was just a kid at the time and thought it was wonderful. Let me call these ridges and tunnels a track.

My idea is to have a public sandbox with the foundation for such tracks in concrete. For instance, there might be some connected inclined planes of various angles. A child (or an enthusiastic parent of the child) could then build ridges on the planes with the sand to change the course of the golf ball as it slowly descends into the sand pit. I envision some flat areas where a sandcastle or sand-community might be built for the golf ball to navigate. Some tunnels, funnels, jumps, and small hills might be nice too.

kaeru, Aug 25 2005


       welcome [kaeru]. Your idea sounds like the non-electrical, more playful version of those scale electric tracks one would play with as a child. Cute.   

       I'm new too! Early Auguster.
chocolateraindrops, Aug 25 2005

       I like this idea. It would nice to also have a giant public Pachinko sculpture, where people supply their own ping pong balls.
Worldgineer, Aug 25 2005

       Thanks for the welcome, chocolateraindrops. I have been enjoying the ideas on this site for a few weeks and wanted to vent one of my own.   

       [Worldgineer] I like the pachinko idea. It might even be nice to include a pachinko-like structure in the starter track so that the golf ball could take different paths to the bottom.
kaeru, Aug 25 2005

       Lay out concrete mushrooms in a sandpile in such a way to have a horizontal climbing wall.
reensure, Sep 12 2005


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