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Sidewalks sculpted and embossed for sidewalk chalk

I noticed children sometimes color in entire squares of cement; emboss coloring book or better patterns into the cement of playgrounds to make them sidewalk-chalk optimal
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I saw some children using sidewalk chalk and they colored in some squares that pre-existed at the playground paving. It occurred to me that embossing the words "sidewalk chalk" and having partial beginning coloring book outlines, circular picture frames, and draw the [top, middle, base] of a thing or face art outlines could be fun for the children.

And, apologies for the reminder, a farewell to Eighth of Seven. Have a Borg level zero!

beanangel, Apr 12 2021


       + nice
xandram, Apr 12 2021

       "Great idea. I also love join the dots ideas, so why not print lots of random dots and lines on them too for people to join up." - my annotation on your Plexiglass Divider Art Show - Now it's on the pavement.
xenzag, Apr 12 2021

       This is not only your best idea, it's one of the best ideas on the HB. Bravo Beanie! [+]   

       I see this being actually done in elementary schools. At the end of the year the janitor hoses these off for the next year.
doctorremulac3, Apr 12 2021

       I love it, and with your permission I will incorporate this into the playground I have to build soon.   

       I figure that if I draw the images on pieces of plywood the same size as the individual sidewalk blocks, I can use a curved router bit to shave the lines into curves and then gently tap the whole thing down into the wet concrete the way they do with fake brick patterns.   

       Okay, so I'm going to do this even without your permission... your permission would just be nice is all.   

       Hey 2, why not just get your 3D printer going? You could break up the scene into lego style modules like puzzle pieces and attach them to your plywood stamper.   

       Has anybody ever sculpted concrete before? This has to have been done.Yea, I guess dirt might accumulate a little in the lower areas but so what? That happens in streets as well, no big deal.   

       I'm assuming you have a 3D printer but if not, well, everybody needs a 3D printer.
doctorremulac3, Apr 12 2021

       I do have a 3d printer. I joined a Makers group a few years ago at the suggestion of a fellow halfbaker and we built them from scratch.
(from scratch meaning the plastic parts were 3d printed by somebody who already had one, the aluminum parts were milled by another guy, and all the gizmos were mailed).
Then the group disbanded and I was left holding the bag on a half-finished project I knew nothing about.
Took two years of tinkering in my very small amounts of spare time, and a lot of help from a buddy I met in the group but I am proud to say that it works great.

       Unfortunately I have only ever printed things from thingiverse because I spent so much time building the damn thing that I still don't have cad design under my belt... yet.   

       I thought of and will certainly make a puzzle piece section, and a connect the dots section, and a hop-scotch section, and a dinky-car town, and maybe a candy-land game, and a maze, and a...   

       ...crap I'm going to have to make a patio.   

       We did something like this with the playhouse and swing set. Chalked up the names of things, random picture starts, the number pi to a few digits, some basic math, geometric shapes, etc.
RayfordSteele, Apr 13 2021

       My daughter would absolutely love this [+]
21 Quest, Apr 13 2021

       [+] Anything to break up the standard monotony.
wjt, Apr 17 2021


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