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Sandwich Pricer

PC and Mac versions
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Type in your location and a description of a sandwich, and this program tells you the estimated price of the sandwich.

That's right: somehow when it's ham and swiss, it's $1.95, but when it's ham and imported swiss it's $2.95, and slow-roasted virginia ham with imported baby swiss on homemade sourdough will run you a good $6.95. And it's all the same sandwich!

Have fun playing around with different "ingredients" to see who can design the most expensive sandwich. The computer has a base list of ingredients and costs, plus a database of "word surcharges", as well as relative cost indexes for every city in [your country here].

Restaurateurs may want to buy the professional version of this software. After all, customers won't be willing to pay $8.95 for a "BLT with mayo"! But with the Sandwich Pricer, simply type in your location and a desired price, and the computer will suggest sandwich wordings which will make the price justifiable to the consumer.

phundug, Aug 16 2004


       "Super time-travelling thought-reading dimension-jumping chuck-key-finding bacon sandwich!"
Detly, Aug 16 2004

       Now if that were a panini, I'd buy one.
phundug, Aug 16 2004

       I've been missing my chuck key for a month. I'm pissed. I'll take one, with a side of fries.
contracts, Aug 17 2004

       Any database that _has_ more gets + from me. If a side effect of more users is better attention from service providers, well, that much more +.
dpsyplc, Aug 17 2004


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