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Sandwich Inspiration

Cause its way to hard to make a decision otherwise..
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A pocketsized computer with small touchscreen. Input your favorite ingredients, and everytime you want a sandwich hit the button and the computer will give you an ingredient combination to order from your favorite sandwich shack. There is a [+] and [-] sign on the device to indicate how you felt about the sandwich. Simple AI will learn how to pick which sandwiches and when.
Blumster, Apr 08 2005


       If I had a program like that on my palm pilot, I could use it at Subway! +
whippinggas, Apr 08 2005

       why not invent a large sign just above where the sandwiches are made that outlines all the ingredients.   

       Read across, up or down selecting your favourite ingredients, and tell the person which you would like. After you have eaten, store the information somewhere in your head to indicate for future reference how you felt about the sandwich.   

       Call this ingredient signage something like 'menu' - perhaps even have them printed on small pieces of paper for more intimate inspiration.
benfrost, Apr 08 2005

       Mmm...peanut butter, grape jelly, dill pickle, barbecue sauce, meatball and rye bread on whole wheat. Extra mayo. Toasted.
half, Apr 08 2005

       and a large italian bun w/ mayo for you +
dentworth, Apr 08 2005

       no kitten please, im slimming
benfrost, Apr 08 2005

       Google nine items plus "sliced bread", fix a hit then eat. No hits? Brilliant!
reensure, Apr 08 2005


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