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Sandy Handy

Glove for sanding down prior to painting something.
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Modern electric sanders use a Velcro surface to affix the similarly velcro'ed sanding pads to the appliance. But there are many occasions where you just need to sand a small area or don't want to dig out the mains power for a little job and holding a sheet of sandpaper to do this is a real pain as it often slips out from under your fingers - ouch!

The Sandy Handy is a glove with patches of the male Velcro on (just like the electric sander) to which you apply suitably shaped small pads of sandpaper (assorted grades available) that are backed with the Female velcro. Then you sand the area by rubbing your hand over it - getting into the fiddly corners with the fingertip pads.

Karnuvap, Sep 11 2007

Baked http://thesandingglove.com/gloveuse.html
Sorry, dude - all the good ones are already taken. [DrCurry, Sep 11 2007]


       croissant for you - sorry but the sandy handy made a crumby mess of it.
po, Sep 11 2007

       Also good for an S&M sand shandy. Without the sanding pads attached it would be good for grooming pets or climbing mammoth.   

       If the sandpaper had the male hooks you could use it with normal woolen or fleece gloves. Alternatively you could attach it to your cat and let it sand table legs as it rubbed against them.   

       I have seen a similar product, rubber gloves with scouring pads on the palm and fingertips.
marklar, Sep 11 2007

       a little like my doggy teeth cleaning gloves
po, Sep 11 2007

       Multiple pieces of sand paper on multiple pads of velcro would be hard to manage and get crumpled up a lot; and you'd get sweaty inside the glove, too. I'd rather go for something like a small, wedge-like sanding block designed to get into the corners better than its burly cousin.
jutta, Sep 11 2007

       The burly cousin of a small sanding block....that was really a rather lovely image.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 11 2007

       I've seen "stroking gloves" before, to help groom cats...
Jinbish, Sep 11 2007

       If this were an open-fingered glove, you could brush the dust away with your fingertips while sanding with your palm. Though, it would be cool if the abrasive could also be wrapped around the thumb and index finger (hook-and-loop would not allow this) for detail work. [+]
ed, Sep 11 2007

       Baked, exactly as specified - see link.   

       (Does that make this [marked-for-deletion] consumer advice? Never quite sure about that.)
DrCurry, Sep 11 2007

       If it's not widely known, and it was a valid idea before you found the link, it's still a valid idea after you find the link. (The difference is that a "consumer advice" type question would state the problem, but not the solution.)   

       With the sold version, all the uses of the sold glove are with a single pad that's larger than a single fingertip - I think that partially validates my concern about manageability.
jutta, Sep 19 2007

       A similar idea would be sandpaper presson nails. These would be long Elvira-like nails made of pressed carborundumum or emery or something. You could sand by scratching.
bungston, Sep 20 2007


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