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Shrink-wrap popcorn

Fun for the whole family! For about five minutes.
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Package popcorn kernels in little pockets of shrink-wrap plastic (like bubblewrap). Each bubble is linked to its linear neighbor by string (or plastic line) and packaged in 25 foot strands.

The consumer takes the package home sticks the strand in the microwave and pops the popcorn. As the popcorn pops, the shrink-wrap shrinks to hermetically seal the popped kernel. The strand is now ready to decorate your holiday home/table/tree. Since the popcorn is tightly sealed, it would be possible to reuse the strand. If, over time, the kernels become crumbled within their plastic casings, a tiny slit could be made in each casing , the contents removed and the casing could be filled with custard, fake snow, cranberry sauce, etc. Some variations might include a Do-It-Yourself kit which allows the family to string their own popcorn and/or multicolored popcorn.

It would sell. You know it would.

phoenix, Oct 12 2001


       Please explain further. You have to unwrap one kernel at a time? Why?
angel, Oct 12 2001

       As far as I can tell, the only purpose of this is to make popcorn strings last longer. We don't have such things in Britain. But might I suggest some form of spray on varnish or fixer as used for oil paints, to be applied *after* the corn is popped?
pottedstu, Oct 12 2001

       Ever seen strings of fake plastic popcorn? Also, why not use packing popcorn (or peanuts) instead. It would keep that styrocrap out of the landfills a little longer, and make your tree look modern and hi tech! (I s'pose you could also adorn with staple removers, highlighters, rubber bands and other office supplies in this case.) Merry Officemas!
Mojo, Oct 12 2001


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