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Spider-proof dome

camping prohibited - look elsewhere.
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Spider webs in my house seem to pop up overnight. And they're a real bane to get rid of when they're up in the ceiling corner.

to reduce this cobb business, and also make the room a little different decoratively, plaster all the cieling corners (2-sided and 3-sided) of every room into a smooth concave surface (about 6 inches out)...making the room sort of dome-y.

This wont totally eliminate spiders from setting up shop, but just give them a hard time trying, promping them to look elsewhere.

shinobi, Feb 03 2007


       I'm not sure why spiders would set up home in a corner anyway. it seems a pretty pointless place for a fly to fly to.   

       curved covings are pretty much baked and you can design your own pretty easily.
po, Feb 03 2007

       Do they come in when it's damp or raining out?   

Dub, Feb 03 2007

       god what was I thinkning....   

       *mental note* must only post ideas when lucid.
shinobi, Feb 05 2007

       //*mental note* must only post ideas when lucid//   

       Where's the fun in that? ;-)
webfishrune, Feb 05 2007

       //Spider webs in my house seem to pop up overnight//   

       Y'know why?
squeak, Feb 06 2007


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