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Satellite View Searching Aide

Superimpose outlines of accurately scaled objects or features as references for comparison
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It can be very hard to judge the scale of objects and features in a terrain when viewed in satellite images. Map services such as Google and Bing could help users find objects, buildings and geographic features more easily, by providing a selection of accurately scaled outlines of them which can be superimposed over satellite views.
This could help find things like downed planes, such as flight MH370. Online searchers would know what they were looking for and not make so many misidentifications.
For debris-field identification, there could be outlines of a few expected items like plane seats and even people.
One might also want to find buildings (isolated cabins) and vehicles (wrecked cars) far from the usual scale references such as streets.
Alvin, Nov 08 2016

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       The satellite imagery on Google isn't exactly fresh, but on the other hand this would be a big help for crowdsource archaeology, etc.   

       If the crowd was supplied with up to date imaging, however, this would work, so [+].
8th of 7, Nov 08 2016

       @8th of 7,
Hopefully, they would immediately take a special set of photos for such major disasters.
Alvin, Nov 08 2016

       This poring over images is robot work. Show the robot what you want and turn it loose. It can go beep when it finds something to show me. I will be watching this yoga video again.   

       Plane seats, isolated cabins, yes, yes, paying the bills, well and good. But please make sure the robot also has the image file of possible Nazi gold trains.
bungston, Nov 08 2016

       And Bigfoot. And D B Cooper.
8th of 7, Nov 08 2016


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