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Mapquest with pictures of your route
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Ever found it stressful navigating in high speed traffic, trying to read directions off your Mapquest printout, and looking for street signs that are either printed too small to read or placed in a corner of a street you can't see? Or even worse (as I have found ) the street name in the directions is not the actual name of the street.

Enter PicQuest. Sample picQuest directions would read like this Go 1.2 miles on ---- Road. Turn left at the funny glass building with the green windows <picture inserted here>
Go 3 miles down the road and turn right at the statue of Martin Luther King <picture>. Go 2 miles in the direction that MLK points.

etc etc.

energy guy, Dec 25 2004

Video Route Video_20Route
Similar to this. [jurist, Dec 25 2004]

First Person Computer Map Turn Images First-Person_20Comp...Map_20Turn_20Images
Also similar to this. [jurist, Dec 25 2004]

Raw Data http://www.pagesjaunes.fr/rc.cgi?lang=en
[beauxault] linked to this marvelous site in 2003 on the "First Person Computer Map" idea. It shows street-level photos of each business address and views down the street in 19 cities in France and Spain. Just click on the "photos" button and select a city to start the tour. [jurist, Dec 25 2004, last modified Dec 29 2004]

Amazon's A9 Block View http://www.amazon.c...102-5205318-8728933
[waugsqueke, Jun 03 2005]

(?) Similar idea: MapQuest for Women. MapQuest_20for_20Women
[disbomber, Jun 04 2005]


       This sounds like it would be difficult to implement well- mapquest gets things mixed up once in a while as it is - but it's a wonderful idea.   

       You can get sattelite images of many areas for a moderate fee, and they can make a nice addition to a street map. The resolution and coverage isn't spectacular though, and of course they're all overhead views.
tiromancer, Dec 25 2004

       This could be a landmark advance in web-based navigational information.
half, Dec 25 2004

       Yes but that's the way society is supposed to be. Some of us aren't meant to find our way home/to an antique bed frame newspaper advert address used as a trap by a serial killer.
mensmaximus, Dec 25 2004

half, Dec 25 2004

       If only we all had clear directions in life and then should we follow them? What destiny will they lead us to, should we intervene? I think these thoughts at every traffic decision I face.
mensmaximus, Dec 25 2004

       I once saw a VR flythrough of a street I'd been down a few times. The flythrough did not identify the street, and started at one end above an air photo, then outlined the buildings in the next block, then pulled them up to rectangular buildings, then colored the buildings, then pasted pictures onto the buildings as suggested here. I recognized the street fairly early in the process, but the pictures actually threw me off a little.   

       As is discussed elsewhere in the HB, people navigate in different ways. I think I'd choose to use vague building shapes and colors, then add a user-selected marker option of signs, landmarks, dress shops or porn palaces. I'd run the whole thing as a flythrough a couple of times at home and never take it in the car.
baconbrain, Jun 04 2005

       Well, here's another fine idea I thought I might be the first one to either halfbake or do in the real world, but I am a nonspecific time period late and a unspecified unit of currency short.
normzone, Mar 02 2007


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